A multiplayer idle webgame

Become a sailor and explore the world of Reign of Pirates one day at a time. This game has been designed to be played while doing something else, like watching a movie, at work or school.

Perfect for casual players!


Fight other players

During your exploration of the world, you will be given the possibility to choose your side. Corsair or Pirate?
Pirates cheerfully pillage other players, stealing their gold and treasure map!
It is the duty of the Corsairs to make sure that the laws of the king are respected!

Which side will you choose ?


Guilds and politics

You can choose to create your own guild to fight powerful opponents with the help of other players.
However, look out for mutinies! At any time, your guild's members might choose to take over the guild if they feel that your orders are unfairs! You will have to be diplomatic.

Will you be able to stay the course?