A word from the creators

We love MMORPGs.
We’ve played the 4th coming, Ragnarok Online, World of Warcraft, Rift, and many others…

Life followed its course and now, we no longer have the time to play MMORPGs and be the very best. This time is gone, long gone. And we miss it. This time where we could explore a whole universe together, fight creatures which little toe could barely fit in the screen, face daunting challenges, and above all, smash other players’ face!

We wondered, could it be possible to have it all in a game respectful of our lives and agendas? A game which would provide all, or at least, most of what we love about MMORPGs without asking anything in return?

A game where everybody is equal and plays the same amount of time, just like in the old time, when our internet connections were limited to a few hours a month,
A game where PvP fights would not be locked in “battle grounds”,
A game where you could actually profit from beating another player,
A game where death would be feared,
A game where knowledge of the game’s mechanics, diplomacy and politics would be the most important abilities,
A game where you do not need to pay to win,
A game that does not require you to log in everyday, yet still allows you to be the very best,

We could not find such a game, so we created it.

Welcome travelers,
Welcome to Reign of Pirates!

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