Fights between players

Reign of Pirates is a game where battles between players are omnipresent. Battles can happen anywhere, at anytime.
The factions and public enemies mechanisms give to players themselves the ability to limit the amount of fights between players.


At level 5, players can choose to join the Pirates or the Corsairs, or to remain Neutral.


Pirates are enamored of a limitless freedom. They do not form a united group, each one follows his own way, his own law, his own ethics, his own Pirate code.
It is not rare for Pirates to fight one another. Each time a Pirate sinks the ship of another player, his reputation increases. If he destroys several ships in a short period of time, his reputation will increase at a higher rate, but he will also become a public enemy and consequently, a very attractive target for Corsairs.
A great reputation will open the doors to the Skull island’s armory, where Pirates can buy the finest equipment.


Corsairs are united under the King’s command. The King writes laws that Corsairs enforce, for the good of all. They hate and hunt Pirates who have no respect for the king’s laws. Unlike Pirates, Corsairs are united and protect each other as well as the Neutral ships. When a Corsair sinks a Pirate ship, his reputation increases and will increase even more if the Pirate is a public enemy.
A great reputation will open the doors to the Royal Armory, where Corsairs can buy the king’s finest equipment.


Neutrals are simple sailors, and don’t take part in the battle opposing Pirates and Corsairs. They are generally left alone by the Pirates as they are worthless targets.

Game mechanics


All characters have a reputation progress bar. Right after a character’s creation, his reputation is 0. This reputation will determine the faction of the character as well as his rank in his faction which determines the equipment he is allowed to buy in his faction’s armory.

Each time a Pirate destroys a Pirate or Corsair ship, his reputation increases by 20 points. If the opponent has a higher rank than his, the reputation gain is doubled, tripled if they are 2 ranks apart, etc. If the enemy has a lower rank, then the reputation gain is divided by 2, by 3 if they are 3 rank apart, etc.

Same rules apply for Corsairs, except that they lose reputation if they sink a Neutral or Corsair ship.

Ranks and raputation
Reputation Pirate ranks Corsair ranks
0 Sunday sailor
1 Laddie Seaman
401 Sailor Quarter-Master
1301 Master Second Master
2901 Principal Master First Master
5401 Lieutenant of the Shadows Lieutenant of the Foam
9001 Captain of Nightmares Captain of the Swell
13901 Commodore of Terror Commodore of the Tides
20301 Counter-Admiral of Agony Counter-Admiral of the Mists
28401 Vice-Admiral of the Shrouds Vice-Admiral of the Storms
38401 Admiral Macabre Admiral of the Hurricanes
Public enemy

When a Pirate sinks a ship, he gains a threat point. This point disappear after 3 hours if the Pirate doesn’t destroy another ship during this time.
The pirate has his reputation gains and losses multiplied by the amount of threat point he has collected.
Pirates and Corsairs victorious against a public enemy have their reputation gains multiplied by the number of threat points of the defeated public enemy.

Gains and losses

When a player sinks an opponent, on top of earning reputation, he loots all or part of the carried gold. To protect themselves against such a demise, players can bury their gold. Although there is still a risk of getting their treasure map stolen, the risk of losing their gold is greatly reduced. Once a player’s treasure map has been stolen, the player has a few hours to try to retrieve it.
Neutral characters are excluded from this game mechanic. They lose no gold and no treasure map after losing against another player.