Treasure map

During a battle between non-neutral players (see factions), the loser gets all or part of the gold he carries stolen.

Protecting your gold

In order to prevent your gold from being stolen, it is possible to bury your treasure on any island. It is then possible to require the Insuperable Recovery Service™ to move safely your treasure from one island to another. However, the I.R.S. doesn’t work for free and you will be taxed by a percentage of the total gold in your treasure. This percentage is defined by the guild owning the island on which is burried your treasure.

Treasure map theft

Burying your gold is very safe, however, it still exists a small chance of losing your treasure map when being defeated by another player. Once your treasure map stolen, the thief has 30 minutes to retrieve one of your locked treasure chest containing 20% of your total gold. He will then need 24 hours to crack the chest open.
Meanwhile, you will know at all time the coordinates of the last island upon which the thief has landed. An actual man hunt therefore starts. If you manage to find the thief and defeat him in battle, you will be able to recover your gold.

In a future version of the game, it will be possible to put a price on the thief’s head in order to have other players help you recover your chest.