Your goal in Reign of Pirates is to make your character as powerful as possible, to be loved or feared, to be known and renowned.

Each day, you are granted 100 minutes of sailing time. Each time you accomplish an action, it costs you some of your sailing time. Once your sailing time ran out, you need to wait for the next day to accomplish more actions. Reign of Pirates is free, you can not pay to play more.
Once you’ve given an action to your character, he will accomplish it by himself, no input from your part is required. Once the action is done, the tab of your web browser will blink. You will then be able to give other actions to your character.


One of the most common actions is the accomplishment of a quest.
On each island of the game, there is an inn. Several non-player characters will offer you to spend some of your daily sailing time to help them out. In exchange they will reward you in one of two way:

  • With gold, allowing you to purchase equipment or repair your ship
  • With experience points, allowing you to gain levels, stats points, to wear higher level equipment, and to access areas of higher level.

It is up to you to choose your quests wisely depending on their rewards and their sailing time cost.


On each island, you will find two kinds of merchants, the harbor and the blacksmith.
The harbor caters for your ship needs. Your ship may need to be repaired if it has been damaged during a battle. You can also hire crew members and buy cannons. Crew members and cannons increase your damage output during battles.
The blacksmith sells equipment for your character, the captain of your ship. Your captain’s equipment increases the stats of your ship. It is therefore possible to enhance your crew members and cannons damage output, your chance of hitting your opponent and dodging his blows, as well as increasing the health points of your ship.
Choosing carefully and wisely your equipment given the very limited amount of gold you own is what makes you a great player.


When your ship sails the seas, it will be randomly attacked by enemies; you can be set upon by other players too. Battles happen in an automated way, no actions are required from your part. The outcome of a battle completely depends on how you chose to distribute your stats points and the equipment you purchased.